Friday, January 29, 2016

01/23 - 01/24 - My beef? Yourbeef!

End of December my friend Camillo from Don Caruso BBQ asked me if I would like to join him and a few fellow foodbloggers to visit the butchery Kiesinger and Stefan from in Tübingen. As it's just a 2.5 hour ride from my home and the weekend was free of any appointments, I confirmed immediately.

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After the arrival of all the fellow bloggers

we started with the tour through the shop and the all the parts of the butchery, including the storage room for the dry aged beef. Very impressing and an amazing experience for a meatlover like me!

After the tour we moved our luggage to the hotel, checked in and drove back to the butchery where we're welcomed with a delicious lunch. Homemade spaetzle and pork cheeks with an outstanding good sauce! It reminded me a little of my own sauce but the specific ingredient, in this case Balsamico, gave it the final twist! I definitely need that recipe, as I will prepare some pork cheeks for my next private whisky evening.

Strengthened by this really tasty lunch we started with the meat cutting lesson, object of study was a beef hindquarter. It's a heifer, a cow that hasn't calved yet. A Simmentaler beef which's a "dual use race" for milk and meat (for example Charolais is a race only being used for meat).

Usually it takes approximately 9 minutes to crack it into pieces and debone it, 2 hours in total to cut all the parts and trim them. Harald Kiesinger took his time to show us all the cuts, gave us tons of explanations and made the work slow enough to enable all of us to follow him... and to take some pictures. Second part of the lesson was the cutting of a half pig, in this case a Stauferico which has more fat and is not overbred like the usual ones.

During the cutting of the beef, Harald was always sorting the leftovers in different boxes, a part of those was used later to make some delicious sausages called Picantos. Beside the different spices they also include some liquid Jalapeno which gives them a special twist. We grilled them immediately and they're outstanding good.

Additionally some nice dry aged T-Bone steaks were cut, trimmed and grilled. The best dry aged steak I had! Simply amazing!

Full fed and full of information we left the butchery late in the evening for an excursion to the nightlife of Tübingen... a funny experience for some of us... so that's all I can say here.

The next day we've been invited to Stefan's home for a final lunch before we hit the road for our way home. The menu was another highlight:
  • Tatar from dry aged beef and pork
  • Dry aged Prime rib with outstanding side dishes (like croutons fried in bone marrow etc.)
  • Cheesecake in a glass

Thx again for you hospitality and this amazing experience! I really enjoyed this weekend! To be repeated...