Saturday, April 30, 2016

04/23 - 04/25 - The Annual Whisky Madness

Whiskyfair Limburg, a fixed date in the calendar of many whisky fans.... and it's a fixed date in my calendar since many years.

This year I came again with my friends from Switzerland and again we'd an amazing weekend. We started earlier than the years before, many construction sites on our route made it hard to forecast how long it would really take us. Finally we've been on the road for approx. 6.5 hours but the schedule was perfect. Enough time for a relaxed walk in the city, for a cigar and a few beers at Villa Konthor before we started with the first event of the weekend, the Bruichladdich Tasting Dinner.

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In comparison to last year the food was definitely much better and - at least for me - the whiskys were not too bad. Of course you cannot compare them with the old school stuff that we prefer to drink but beside the Bruichladdich Classic we'd some tasty ones. The both Port Charlotte as well as the Octomore 7.3 and 7.4 were absolutely my liking... peathead! As the tasting lasted until approx. 11 pm we headed back to the hotel and went to sleep after a last dram...

The next morning, the usual procedure: getting up early, having a quick breakfast and then rushing to the event location to find a queue which is hopefully not too long. With the rainy weather it was a bit challenging this year as everybody tried to stay under the roof but after a bit more than one hour of waiting the doors opened. As every year the place was packed with people and as every year I met a lot of people that I know now since many years and I also had some really interesting whiskys in my glass. Too much to list all of them but if you look on the pics you can have an impression of what we possibly enjoyed.

Spontaneously we decided to join the Springbank Tasting Dinner on Saturday evening as the lineup sounded really interesting with cask samples from Longrow, Kilkerran and Springbank. Hrmmm... it was an interesting evening, but there was something which made it more memorable than the whiskys. The guy from Springbank who was intended to make the presentation of the whisky and tell us something about it was.... slightly drunk. At least drunk enough to have some difficulties to talk...
I think he had a faint idea that something's wrong with him as he told us that he's "sorry about being involved in that tasting" and reminded us that "if you have any questions, rrrrrrrrraise your hand"! Finally somebody of the Villa Konthor team took care of him and he was replaced by one of the participants, also a member of the Springbank Society like me. He made a good job, considering the circumstances, but I am sure it would have been much better to get some more specific details about Springbank and the whiskys. Anyhow, it was a memorable evening!

Beside me all the others were completely tired, so we drove back to the hotel with a cab to take a well deserved nap...

The way home was a bit easier, less traffic and no trucks, so we arrived in time to enjoy the afternoon at home.

CU again next year in Limburg.