Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Burger 2.0

With more and more burger joints springing up like mushrooms - and I'm talking about those which make really good stuff, not the big chains - I'm also inspired to show some of the burgers I've done over the last months.

I acquired a meat grinder a while ago which enables me to influence the quality of my ground meat, and therefore the quality of the final product. I did some experiments with different recipes for the composition of my patties and finally ended up for the standard beef patty with a mixture of chuck roll and brisket, coarsely ground. I don't use too much fat, definitely less than the often mentioned 80/20 mixture (80 % meat, 20 % fat), but by serving it medium cooked it's always very juicy and tasty. To enhance the flavors I additionally use my High 5! (a natural flavor enhancer), capers and sometimes pickled jalapenos...

In most cases I use beef for the patties but from time to time I also make some experiments with other stuff. Bratwurst is one thing I really love, the beer marinated bratwurst burger with Sauerkraut definitely rocks... but also stuff like venison or kangaroo is worth a try and gives an interesting chance of taste.

Beside the meat the bun is another important key component. If one of both sucks, the whole burger sucks... or at least it's less enjoyable! So I also spent some time to improve my homemade buns as the storebought ones are not really a pleasure if it comes to good taste. I tried a lot of recipes and meanwhile I found a good basic recipe that I use now and gave it also my personal twist. The buns are amazing... Fluffy on one hand but with a good consistency on the other hand, definitely a good balance.

Ok, we've had enough of words! Here are some pictures, I hope that they don't make you too hungry... or just have a look on those with a burger in your hand...

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