Monday, April 04, 2016

La Gloria Cubana Tainos 1998

The cigar itself is very boxpressed even after many weeks lying only in the bag. The wrapper is colorado, fine and not as shiny as it seems in the pictures. The cold smell, which is very decent reminds a little bit of hazelnut.

After lighting up I had to check if it really burns the first puffs showed nearly no taste. After a time a light sweetness came up.... something reminding me of Cremé Brûlee and licorice.

The second third continued with the sweetness which was now more on the honeyside... hints of wood and some bloomy notes appeared.

During the last third the sweetness of honey fainted away, roasted aromas could be found, in the very end it became some kinda nutty.

The smoking time was 2 hours. The aromas had been very filigree, the cigar was on the whole very reserved and mild. Either it is in another sick period or it is still over the top.... I don't really know...