Wednesday, June 15, 2016

06/03 - Beer, BBQ and... CIGARS, Day 1

The planning for this herf weekend already started last year as the reservation had to be made in time. It took some logistic efforts... organizing the grills, the beer tasting and the glasses, the T-shirts and Polos with the herf logo etc.

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But when the people are here all that work is forgotten and the good times start. For me it started already on Thursday as I had to bake around 50 burger buns for the Friday dinner as we had burgers on the schedule. Nothing fancy, just some simple Cheeseburgers with a good quality meat patty, some cheddar cheese and homemade buns.

Michel and I picked up the grills from Big Green Egg Switzerland in Chur also on Thursday evening and already brought some stuff to the location. Friday morning was also filled with bringing stuff to the herf location and without breakfast we're hungry after a while, so I prepared some Louis' Lunch Style Hamburger Sandwiches for us...

During the afternoon all the other guys arrived and we fired up the first Egg to grill the Dry Aged T-Bone Steaks that I have ordered from The meat was really amazing and everybody was happy about it, thx Stefan!

The Steaks were meant as a small Snack before I start later to serve some tasty burgers... but after that delicious Appetizer everybody was hungry, therefore we started the first round of burgers. Finally, and a few hours later, we ended up with 14 people having eaten 6 kg of ground Beef, 1 kg of Bacon, numerous slices of cheese and a decent amount of my homemade buns. 42 to be precisely. Of course, because 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything! Everybody was really full, so we enjoyed the rest of the evening with some local beer from Sonnenbraeu and some more amazing cigars... Hoyo de Monterrey Diademas from the 2004 special humidor, San Cristobal O'Reilly from the 2009 Book Collection, Montecristo No. 2 Gran Reserva 2011 to name just a few of Friday's range...

Report of day 2:

Report of day 3: