Sunday, June 19, 2016

06/04 - Beer, BBQ and... CIGARS, Day 2

Day 2 starting, after a short night, with bacon, eggs and homemade Mexcio style sausages. A while ago a made a few kilograms of sausages therefore I had the idea to bring some of those for breakfast... and the people liked them! In combination with the fresh eggs from the Eichhof in Balgach and some bacon, it was a perfect starter in a new day... followed by an excellent Montecristo Millenium Robusto and a Jeroboam bottle of a Bavarian beer (shared with all, not only for me...).

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On of the first things before I started to prepare the breakfast was to fire up all of the 4 Big Green Eggs, because I had to prepare some more stuff for lunch and dinner. Babyback Ribs and Chicken Wings for lunch, Pulled Pork, Brisket and Baked Beans for dinner. I think the amount of meat was slightly to much (well, 2 or 3 had to cancel their participation on short notice) but I didn't want to run out of meat, leaving back the people with a hungry stomach... therefore we'd around 8 kg of each. Plus 4 kg of Baked Beans. Guess what: nobody was hungry anymore in the evening!

One of hte highlights on the schedule for Saturday was a beer tasting with Swiss craft beer. Initially I planned to make it together with the guys of Bierfactory but finally they'd to go to a beer festival in Lausanne. Due to this it was up to me to tell the people something about all the different beers we had... I hope I explained everything correctly. Here's a list of the beers we tried:
  • Bierfactory Hymn Bier (Sour beer with raspberry)
  • Pilgrim Osterbier (Weizenbock)
  • Liechtensteiner Brauhaus Bockbier
  • Liechtensteiner Brauhaus Coffee Stout
  • Bierfactory Nein Finger (Chocolate Porter)
  • Pilgrim IPA
  • Bierfactory Fatal Error (Double IPA)
  • Pilgrim Imperial Stout
  • Bierfactory Vladibier (Russian Imperial Stout)
  • Bodenseebräu Trappattoni (Belgian Style)
  • Pilgrim Triple
During the beer tasting I smoked a Partagas 160 Grand Pyramid from the special humidor, it went very well with all the different beers....

After all that beer we were in need of some more food... maybe not all of us as we had a very good lunch but the brisket, the pork and the beans were ready to be eaten. So I called for another round of food which luckily everybody liked! But all were really full afterwards and took a nap or went away for a walk... of course we also enjoyed some more excellent smokes like a Dunhill Mojito or a Trinidad Torre Iznaga from the Book humidor 2006.

Report of day 1:

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