Wednesday, July 13, 2016

07/02 - The three amigos

In the meantime we, that means Ralf, Tom and myself, met the 3rd year in a row at my home for a Saturday full of smoke, drinks and food.

While waiting for my guests I openend a bottle of Cantillon Geuze (bottled in 2013) which I have picked up during my visit at the brewery last April, maybe you still remember my Tour de Belgium. Of course I also fired up a nice cigar, I decided for a Hoyo de Monterrey Pyramides, EL 2003. Wow, what an amazing smoke... and it went very well with the beer!

Meanwhile my guests arrived and a small snack for lunch was served: cedarplanked salmon, some jasmine rice and a fresh cooked mango chutney with ginger. I'm really surprised about my personal taste but in the meantime I really have passion for those fruity chutneys in combination with fish or meat.

Afterwards some more amazing cigars followed:
  • Upmann Super Corona from 2000 or 2002: what a treat!
  • Montecristo Tubos from 1985: just excellent, Montecristo at it's best with tons of vintage flavor!
  • Upmann Monarchs AT from 1998: a blast from the past... hard to find stuff like that nowadays!
  • Bolivar Poderosos ER Belux 2013: still a young cigar but surprisingly no ammonia and a lot of great flavor, the perfect after dinner cigar!

Beside the Cantillon beer I also enjoyed some Swiss craft beer like the Beast Double IPA from Storm and Anchor or the Fatal Error 52 hour Double IPA from Bierfactory...

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Time was flying quickly and while the others were still smoking I prepared some stuff for the dinner... shaping the patties, caramellizing some onions, frying the bacon and cutting the potatoes for some fries. My first handcut, homemade fries... and the came out really good.

So we enjoyed two tasty burger (Green Chili Cheese and Swiss Mushroom Burger) as Ralf couldn't join the first evening of our Beer, BBQ and.... CIGARS!! Herf which took place for weeks ago...

The cigar we smoked after dinner has been mentioned already... the spirit selection comes here. First we'd another Indian Grain whisky. The packing and the bottle look fancy, the spirit itself reminded us more of a Cognac as of a Grain. I also pulled out the recent bottling of the Whiskyclub Regensburg, called Crois Chill Daltain, an sherry aged, 21 yo. Single Malt from Islay... hard to find out what it really is... but don't care for the distillery, simply enjoy that fantastic Single Malt because it'll blow you away! Peat and sherry sweetness... that's the perfect combo!

Thx for you visit guys, I enjoyed another fantastic day which ended up with the thrilling match (at the least the penalty shoot-out) between Germany and Italy with the better end for Germany...