Monday, September 12, 2016

Hoyo de Monterrey Pyramide EL 2003

Typical EL optic... colorado-maduro colored wrapper, matt and relatively coarse.

The cold smell of the cigar shows mainly ceddar, a decent sweetness and some hints of leather.

The lighting up process is very time-consuming, it took a while until the end is glowing after roasting it above the flame. After that the cut and the first puffs: leather, aromas of fresh milled black pepper reminding of a Partagas. Intensive notes of dark chocolate attend, they accentuate the whole smoke with a very pleasant and not bothersome sweetness.

In the second third leather and pepper fade away and make room for an interaction of different roasty tastes of cacao and coffee and also some bitter almond which comes up from time to time. The whole package seems to be balanced absolutely perfect, the smoke is fat and creamy.

The last third is extraordinary strong if you take into account that you are smoking a Hoyo, the leathery component comes up again, paired with an intensive sweetness of honey which makes it hard to put this cigar away.

The smoking time was a bit more than 2 hrs. the draw was perfect and the ash very firm, even if it looked a bit tattered.

Fantastic Smoke.