Monday, November 28, 2016

11/18 - Ardbegilicious

Tasting no. 15. Wow, that's definitely impressing. As I know that we had to leave out one date (normally we have those tastings twice a year), this means that I organize those tastings now since 8 years!

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Obviously the date itself was a little bit critical as a few had to cancel their participation directly after I have sent out the invitation. Anyhow... 12 registered and finally we ended up with a very small group of 6 people. No big issue as it makes the conversation easier at some point.

When talking with Urs about the cigar we should smoke with the whiskys my vote was clear for a Bolivar Petit Coronas. This cigar usually has a pronounced citrus aroma paired with the typical earthiness (at least the ones from 1998 that I know so well). Maybe a bit short to last during the whole tasting (which was exactly Urs' argument) therefore he convinced me to take the Bolivar Belicosos Finos. The box he gave me was with a May 2015 code, so just 1.5 years old and it definitely surprised all of us. I went perfectly with the Ardbegs, not too strong with a full load of the expected flavors!

The whiskys itself were all good... and it was interesting to see the difference between the old Ardbegs, like those 1974 and 1975 we had, and the newer releases like Alligator, Galileo and Corrvreckan. Different whiskys, for sure, but not bad at all. One of our highlights also was the Crois Chill Daltain from the Whiskyclub Regensburg, excellent stuff, especially if you give it some time to breath.

All detailed tasting notes will be released in a separate report which will follow in the next weeks. At the moment I was too busy to make it in time before the tasting, writing a book consumes a bit more time than expected.