Monday, February 20, 2017

Surf'n'Turf Burger

With my second burgerbook being released on January 25. 2017, I would like to introduce also a burger here on my blog.

The book itself is in German language ( but I am already working on the English version which should be available in summer, so my English speaking readers have something to look forward too....

Ok, back to topic: the burger for this blogpost is a Surf'n'Turf Burger which combines some Galloway meat and shrimps in a delicious combination. All flavored with some Bruichladdich XVII, an Islay whisky with a reasonable portion of peat but not too overwhelming and due to this not influencing but emphasizing the taste.

What else did I use... spring onions, cream cheese and some herbs and spices... and of course a homemade Brioche bun...

I think there is no need to say more, the pictures show the way how to build it.

Enjoy it together with a dram of the whisky that has been used for the flavoring... a perfect match!