Sunday, March 26, 2017

Who let the (Brew)dogs out?

Brewdog definitely has a nice range of different craftbeers which are worth trying... I went through a few of those, here are my impressions.

Five AM Red Ale

The nose is very malty with a roasted aroma combined with some hops.

The taste is also very malty with a decent bitterness.

Dead Pony Pale Ale

Lots of tropical fruits with a good amount of malts...

The tropical fruits like mango and pineapple are also present of the palate with some maltiness in the background. Easy to drink and very enjoyable, lightly hopped.

Punk IPA

A load of citrus and hops hits the nose, well, that's an IPA like I would expect it.

On the palate the citrus is a bit more in the background, hoppy notes combined with tropcial fruits are the main flavors. A really good IPA.

Jack Hammer

Tropical fruits and citrus, intensive orange color. That's the first impression.

Very earthy, hoppy and intensive bitterness with less fruits than in the nose. The alcohol is well hidden behind the intensive hoppiness and bitter notes.

Santa Paws

The aroma is what you would expect from a beer with that color: some coffee, hints of caramel and some yeast, some sweetness in the background.

The taste is more intensive: dark malt with a decent bitterness, again some coffee and caramel. The yeast comes up from time to time, very creamy in the mouth.

It's a bit weak for my personal opinion...

Hardcore IPA

It's named Hardcore and its attributes are definitely more on the extreme side: caramel, malt, spices, citrus, tropical fruits and hops.

The hoppiness is definitely there from the first sip, combined with the flavors which came to the nose before: hops, citrus, spices, herbs, malts and caramel. The full load.

If you are a hophead, I am sure you will love it, I did so. Even though the ABV is high, it is very drinkable! Be careful!

Paradox Macallan

I got this bottle from a friend (thx Seth!) while I was in Florida a few years ago... the description itself sounds really interesting... a beer which's been stored in a Whisky cask... a 1987 Macallan Sherry cask.

Ok, let's give it a try. Very dark color, the foam is beige and very creamy... Fat in the mouth, reminding a bit of chocolate with some decent bitter notes, you can really chew the roasted malt... a very intensive taste... and after a while: oh yeah, there´s the influence of the cask. There's definetly Sherry, creamy dried fruits... some hints of smoke... from time to time the alcohol gets more intensive and then fades away again... it's bottled at 10 %.

This one went very well with the 1997 Diplomaticos No. 2 which I fired up... good combo.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Whisky and.... rack of lamb

Another round of our whisky dinner events started two weeks ago and as all the years before it was me to kick it off. We 'd an interesting range of excellent Single Malts accompanied by some Belgian beer and of course some food stuff.

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Foodwise I decided for something that didn't have before (but I gave it a try a while ago, as I didn't want my guests to be my Guinea pigs)...

First course.. chicken liver mousse with pepper cherries (cherries cooked and stored with green peppercorns) and some toast. Additionally I also added some Blueberry Chipotle BBQ sauce on the plates as it matched very well.

Second course... it should be something from the grill, people expect that when they come to me for dinner. I decided for some rack of lamb. First cooked in indirect heat (around 100 °C for approx. 2 hours) until a core temperature of 50 °C was reached and then seared over direct heat for a nice crust. Served with some potatoes and veggies... so simple but sooooo tasty!

The dessert, one of the classics that I definitely make to seldom: Crème Brûlée. Another simple dish but very often they mess it up when they serve it in a restaurant. The caramelized sugar has to be hard, make the test with your spoon. If it is soft, they failed.

During all those different courses... and before and after... we enjoyed the whisky... below you see a part of what we had... it's again a big pleasure, I'm already looking forward to our next whisky dinner.